First Impressions: Legend

Yesterday, I got into another impulse buying and bought this PC game entitled Legend. I don't know anything about the game except that it's an action-RPG. But I felt so dejected after I remembered that Spore was coming out next week. Because now I had no money left to get another game. Furthermore, I had a hard time running the game because the PhysX drivers that came with it was old. But after I shot the problem, I actually enjoyed playing the game. What I like most about the game is that it's class less and that you can choose 2 from many skill sets, much like in Titan Quest. True, it's not the most advance game that you'll ever play. But it's decent enough to act as a placeholder before Diablo III comes out. In addition, it'll make Space Siege look really bad. Especially since Legend isn't from a big-named developer.

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RONeiluke, RN said...

hays... how i miss PC gaming... :(