First Impressions: Mass Effect

I installed Mass Effect, on my new PC, the other night. But before I could begin playing it. I had a problem running the game on Windows Vista. I literally spent the whole night troubleshooting the game, updating my drivers, reading posts over at BioWare's self-help support forums...To make the long story short, it was a frustrating night. But that's all behind me now since, in the end, I was able to run the game.

Bright-eyed and dark-haired Infiltrator vixen.

I've been playing the game for hours now, and all I can say about it is: Awesome, holy awesome. The action, the atmosphere and role-playing experience, I've never played something in this caliber since Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. It just shows that I really miss RPGs with sci-fi elements. But, anyways, I really need to stop now. I have a game to finish.

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Mass Effect


RONeiluke, RN said...

wahahaha! mukhang super nageenjoy ka ah! good for you... as for me DVD's and large mug of coffee... ang lamiiiig...