Full Episodes of X-Men: Evolution

I visited Marvel's website earlier to check out what's new with my favorite publisher. Then I found out that the TV show Heroes, in order to promote their new season, is sponsoring free full episodes of X-Men: Evolution, and you can watch them all here.

I'm not sure how many episodes are available in the website, but it's all free. So I urge you to watch since it's one of the good non-Japanese animations, even though it's directed towards young audiences. It also steers far from the original X-Men continuity. Although a lot of it, especially the uniforms, are based on the Ultimate X-Men universe.

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RONeiluke, RN said...

napapanood ko tong 'evolution' sa studio 23 dati. mas cool nga ang pagkakaanimate sa kanila... parang makanto kasi yung original :)

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salingPUSA said...

I really don't like the evolution tinggy...maybe because I love the uncanny X-men so much. They messed up with the story so parang nagulo memory ko. Kinda ok though....