The Next Three Books

After a week of waiting, I finally received my package of books (and CDs too) from Amazon. These three books (pictured above) are part of my reading program this Spring. I'll probably start my reading with The Next 100 Years because its synopsis is very interesting. Then I'll follow it by The Book of Dead Philosophers. As for Anthem, I've already read this book (twice). But since I bought a new copy, I think I'll read it again. Unfortunately, with Dawn of War II keeping me occupied, and Empire: Total War just around the bend, I don't know when I can start with these books.

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A Box of Paper Objects


lucas said...

wow! those books sure looks interesting! esp the book book of dead philosophers. ahehe!

it's different reading from a hard bound book than in a paperback...hehe!

kenna said...

wow nice... i want to go back to reading books na ulit... i don't want to work anymore! hehe

Skron said...

@lucas: I don't mind reading in paperback. I actually find it hard to read a hardcover book because they're usually heavier. What I don't like are mass market paperbacks. They're cheap and small but they're also bulky.

@kenna: I don't want to work too. I just want to work and play games all day. But work = $ = books, music, comics and games.

mobias said...

-I'll have to check out that dead philosophers' book. You students cherish your homework, once you have a family, school is very very difficult to accomplish...

especially 'cause of games like...Empire:Total War....mmmmm gunpowder...