NY Jets...Crashes

I'm not talking about the football team. But rather, I'm asking why are there so many plane crashes in New York? Seven plane crashes (that I know of) within these past 8 years, and 5 of them were major airlines.

Anyways, since I've got nothing less tragic to post, I've compiled a list of the seven planes that crashed in NY in the past 8 years.

US Airways Flight 1549. Casualties: 0, Heroes Born: 1.
1. American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175 (Sept. 11 2001) - These two don't need any descriptions at all. You are a very lucky person if you don't know anything about these crashes.
2. American Airlines Flight 587 (Nov. 12 2001) - This plane crashed into a residential area, two minutes after taking off, due to an engine failure. But during that time, after a couple months of the 911 attacks, people were forming conspiracies that it was another terrorist attacks.
3. Conney Island Plane Crash (May. 21 2005) - A sight-seeing plane crashed at the Coney Island, due to engine failure.
4. 1011 Crash (Oct. 11 2006) - A single engine aircraft crashed on the side of an apartment building in New York. The student pilot, Cory Lidle, a NY Yankees pitcher, and his flight instructor, died.
5. US Airways Flight 1549 (Jan 15 2009) - The plane crashed in the Hudson river and, thankfully, no one died due to the pilot. This is probably one of the most heroic news stories I've heard in my life. They should make a TV film out of this one.
6. Colgan Air Flight 3407 (Feb 13 2009) - The latest and 2nd plane crash in New York this year. The weather, strong winds, fog and light snow, seems to be the cause of the tragedy.
So is there like a mysterious bad mojo in the air space of New York, kinda like the Bermuda Triangle? Is this just a chain of coincidence? Or is it that the national news just happens to cover the crashes in New York and not anywhere else?

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