Chicago North Loop. Picture was taken from the highest building in the United States, the Sears Tower.

My artsy younger sister who, by the way was featured as a Daily Deviant at Deviant Art (see her profile here) last December, is currently taking art classes that requires her to go to Chicago Museums for their projects. Since I know my way around downtown Chicago she asked me to go with her. At first, I hesitated because I wanted to finish reading 2666. But the weather was so nice, no blizzard, arctic temperatures and wind chills, and my life had been a big whole routine lately. So I thought I could use a little spontaneity, and went out with her. Besides, she was buying lunch.

Me and my sister didn't really do much. We were planning to go to the Field Museums so she could take picture of whatever is being exhibited in there. But we never got around since she found her piece real soon, an Emerald Tree Boa at the Shedd Aquarium. So we just strolled around the city after that, ate a couple Giordano's deep dish pizza (because you can't go to Chicago and not eat one) and decided to go up to the Sears Tower (which I haven't done for 8 years). Then, we went home.

I took some pictures, which can be found here. It's not much though because I didn't really take a lot. It's just weird taking pictures of the city. It makes me feel like a tourist.

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The Scud said...

gusto ko yan pic ng building. nasa ilang floor ka ba when you took it?

Skron said...

103th floor. It's The Skydeck.

lucas said...

i checked your sister's deviant art account...and she was nothing sort of impressive... :)