Waxed Grammy Award

I've only seen one Grammy Awards (The 37th) in my life and decided that it's a waste of my time. From then on, I've never watched the wretched award show. But, nonetheless, the very next day after the awards night, I would scour the news for the list of Grammy Winners. Most of the time, I'd be disappointed with the results. Although there were times too that I'd be satisfied. Like when Tool won the Best Metal Performance for "Aenima" (The 40th) and "Schism" (The 44th).

The Mars Volta, "Wax Simulacra".

But nothing could have prepared me when I saw the list of winners from last night's awards. The Album of the Year was Raising Sand, by Alison Kraus and Robert Plant, which is a great album. Then, best of all, my boys Omar and Cedric, from The Mars Volta, won the Best Hard Rock Performance for "Wax Simulacra".

The Mars Volta acceptance speech.

Man, I never thought that TMV would get a Grammy award. True, they're very talented musicians and probably one of the best bands that came out this decade. But I just can't see them winning a Grammy. But they did. Although I don't really care if they won. I think they don't care either. They might have even lost the trophy already. The only best thing about them winning is that people are flocking them right now. Flocking them and hating them, I love it. TMV, even though with the Academy Award under their belt, is still not for everyone to love or understand.

By the by, The Grammys still suck. Why? Because The Jonas Brothers were nominated.

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yoshke said...

"By the by, The Grammys still suck. Why? Because The Jonas Brothers were nominated."


I wasnt able to see this year's Grammy show. But i'm quite satisfied with the results, too.

lucas said...

hays...i hate them..the Jonas Brothers...:P