Spider-Woman Ongoing

I thought my comics pull list will be much thinner in the following months. Especially with Final Crisis, X-Men: Magneto Testament and Wolverine: Manifest Destiny done and out of the way. But Marvel always finds a way to make my list dense with their new ongoing titles and mini series. First, there was news of Deadpool: Suicide Kings, which is hard for me to pass up. Then, there's news of Dark Reign: Cabal, which is also hard for me to pass up. And now, there's also news of a Spider-Woman ongoing series.

Fans of Marvel Comics' Spider-Woman have been waiting almost four years for the character's ongoing series to become a reality. The possibility of an ongoing “Spider-Woman” series by writer Brian Michael Bendis and frequent collaborator artist Alex Maleev was first mentioned back in 2005, but the character's abduction and replacement as part of the Skrulls' “Secret Invasion” prevented the series from becoming a reality.

Well Spider-Woman fans, “Secret Invasion” is over and your wait is too (almost)! This April, fans will finally find Bendis and Maleev's “Spider-Woman” #1 in their local comic shop...

And Michael Bendis talks about the motif of the series, which makes me even more interested about it.

Bendis feels the intense emotions Jessica Drew, AKA Spider-Woman, feels over being abducted by the Skrulls and impersonated by their leader Queen Veranke during “Secret Invasion,” is one of the main reasons why “Spider-Woman” was an ideal series to be done as a digital motion comic. “Sometimes I see these motion comics and I'm interested in them but I'm not feeling anything. And Jessica's story is so angry. She comes out of 'Secret Invasion' pissed-off and that rage is so attractive to write and very easy to get across in both the print and digital motion mediums. I thought, 'There's a good place to start.' Let's start with that rage. Let's start with 'I'm fucking pissed off.' Let's get that across, and from there we'll get into her psyche and see what else we can do,” Bendis explained. “Also, we can be in her head as she's experiencing new things, and her abduction by the Skrulls means she's new to the Marvel Universe. So everything she is seeing is new, and her point of view is unique. All these things made the digital motion medium such an attractive experiment for her ongoing.” - Dave Richards, CBR
Well, that sucks. It sucks because I'm weak and Jessica's pheromones has enthralled me to buy her series. It sucks because my budget is going back to square one. I lost three series on my list and gained back three.

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gillboard said...

i'm tempted to not expand my pull list as well, but the ending of secret warriors is just so enthralling.. Punisher is just so good... and I love anthing that's stamped with the Dark Reign logo. Sigh...

Skron said...

Secret Warriors was on my list, man, even before the announced the series, right after they were featured in Mighty Avengers.