Raising the Bar

My office is on fire.

Finally, Bar Rafaeli made it into the cover of the 2009 SI Swimsuit Issue. I saw this girl two years ago (SI Swimsuit 2007) and thought that she's a piece of heaven on Earth. She's got nice sparkling eyes and her body is perfectly natural, even more perfect than Joanna Krupa or Jo Garcia. I especially love her flat stomach. It's not toned and doesn't look like it was forged from hours of working out in the gym. Too bad, she's already spoken for by Leonardo DiCaprio. That's alright though. Because I don't have a chance with her even if she's single.

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lucas said...

and a piece of heaven she is!

Kenna said...

Yes, she's hot.

Mark Ian said...

Whoa! sizzling... how about Jessica Gomes?

lucas said...

congratulations to your cousin! :)